3 Life-Changing Products to help Mobility and Independence

Mobility and assistive technologies are becoming more and more vital as life goes on. It is a fact that people are living longer and having to live longer with life limiting conditions. This means we need our everyday comforts to be looked after for many years to come.

There are 3 main areas of our lives that need to be catered for. Our sleep, our rest and our mobility.

The important thing in our life, apart from our loved ones, is our health, mobility and independence. Helping to transform our lives using these 3 products can help achieve the comfort and the pain free existence that we deserve.

The Adjustable Bed

The benefits of investing in an adjustable bed are numerous. The customers I have helped have told me they have improved their condition that has caused them immeasurable pain for years.

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Conditions such as

Low back pain, Arthritic Pain

Aches and Pains due to Muscular strain and fatigue

Poor blood Circulation

Gastric Reflux, Hiatus Hernia, Night time heartburn

Poor quality sleep

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Is The Construction Industry The Worst Health Risk Profession?

Contruction industry workers including fencing contractors often suffer from back strain The UK Construction Industry has over 2 million people working everyday. These workers are taking part in the highest risk profession for health defects, accidents and injury.

The risk of occupational ill health has a massive impact on the families of builders, Road workers, Fencing contractors, Plasterers, Joiners, Bricklayers and many more.

Some of these health issues can be long term and have a massive impact on the quality of life.

In 2010 – 42 construction workers lost their lives

3120 Reported major injuries and 2.6 million working days were lost through work related ill health.

When doing a presentation for a potential customer, part of the process is to find out what their profession was and what conditions they suffer from.

The 5 common problems we come up against in the building construction and contracting industry are :-

  1. Respiratory Disease
  2. Asbestos
  3. Dermatitis
  4. Musculoskeletal Disorder
  5. Hearing loss due to noise

Adam Peters from a Plymouth Decking and Fencing Company has spent 30 years in his industry. Most of that time has been spent on his hands and knees laying down massive timbers, or lifting huge fence posts, constant digging and other heavy manual activities.

Day in, day out stress on the body which has eventually caused significant back problems.

He is now 56 years old and speaking to me the other day he said

“Ive worked ridiculously hard all my life and now I think I will have to retire before I can even afford to do this. The pain my back gives me most days I unbearable and I cant imagine being able to keep up the lifting and bending down that my job entails for the next 9 years, my proper retirement age”

If you have worked in construction and have a life immobilising condition, or you feel that your body is not up to it anymore. Then investing in a rise and recline chair or an adjustable bed may just be the answer you need.

Having regular massage and improving your circulation can be the benefit that keeps you in your building career or if you have already finished mean that you live the rest of life in comfort.

And not regretting the day you decided on a construction career.

Comment in the section below with any questions or concerns you may have about your body and if you are interested in finding out how you can get help


The 5 Benefits of Massage

Mobility and assistive technology like Adjustable Beds and rise & Recline Chairs will sometimes offer the massage function. This massage effect is created by a simple vibration which stimulates and massages the body.

There are many scientific studies that prove not only the physical benefits but emotional benefits as well.

  1. First of all, emotionally it can relieve stress and anxiety. As it lowers the heart rate and helps to produce the bodies natural endorphin’s….the happy juice!
  2. It encourages deep relaxation. When the body is perfectly relaxed it allows itself to drift into a deep , quality sleep.
  3. Soothes aches and pains by relaxing your muscles. Most people are aware that massage has the ability to really loosen tightness, relieve pain and stretch muscles which otherwise feel painful and are causing discomfort.
  4. Benefits that aren’t so well known to people are the fact that regular massage can strengthen your immune system, it can relieve headaches and it can promote deeper and easier breathing
  5. Arguably the most beneficial byproduct of having a daily massage is that it improves circulation.

In western culture massage is only really just becoming widely accepted as a remedy for various ailments. But still, massage is not something the average person in the UK has on a regular basis. If you are a sports person or recovering from an injury then it is accepted that massage is a great way to help recover.

But in the far east, countries like China, Thailand and Indonesia, massage has been at the very core of their culture for thousands of years. It is part of everyday life, they understand the physical and mental benefits that massage can deliver.

Alternative medicine in the UK is still really in its infancy in my opinion. The NHS needs to not only offer these services to patients who may have a need but to actively promote as a way to relief pain and discomfort and for improving the well being of the British public.

Eye Opening in the Mobility Industry

From February 2016 until September 2016 I worked as a self-employed sales consultant in the assistive technology industry. No one in their right mind knows what this means, but in layman’s terms it simply means mobility furniture.

It is a sad and simple fact that as the human body gets older it deteriorates and we start to lose our mobility. Our bodies start to get ravaged by disease and ailments which are prolonged even further by medicines prescribed by the doctors.

When the body loses its normal functions the comfort we experience is severely limited and we lose sleep and cannot sit comfortably. As I discovered there is a thriving industry accommodating this demographic in our social world, supplying products that make life easier for elderly and ill people.

This blog is all about my experience as a field sales agent working in and around Plymouth, Cornwall and Devon.

When you become debilitated by disease, injury or old age you become almost excluded by society as you can barely leave the house in some cases.

This is the story about my quest on improving this epidemic and providing the comfort and rest bite that the inflicted need.

Helping them to Social Inclusion.

I am also going to highlight the social issues that ravage our elderly pensioners.

Including the disgraceful poverty that they live in.

Honestly, make sure you are paying into a decent pension. These people have nothing, they cant move and they are living on the breadline…you don’t see this until